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The Blueprint to Building the Elite Athlete

Helping Athletes on their Pursuit of Excellence

Strecker Sport Psychology Services

A holistic approach to developing athletes of all ages

Are you looking to gain that competitive edge?  Here we work to develop you as a whole person, instead of just an athlete.  We focus on meeting you where you are currently and building on that foundation.  Mental skills training can give you that slight competitive edge over your competition when times get tough.

We are here to pursue excellence together

Mental Skills Training

With education and experience.  We can help train your mind to perform at the highest possible level both on and off the field.  Training the mind is just like training any other muscle, it takes time and repetition.  With our holistic approach to sport psychology and mental training, we will help you play at the best of your abilities and chase your dreams.

Personal Training

In order to play and compete at an elite level, you must train your body as such.  With education and experience in personal training, we can help you train your body like the pros and take your game to the next level.  Training the body is just as important as training the mind, so here we put just as much focus and time into each aspect.

Group Sessions

Team Building and Team Based Mental Training can be extremely beneficial.  These sessions can be tailored to fit your exact needs, whether that is 5 athletes or a team of 50.  These sessions can be based on team building, or other mental skills that would be traditionally covered in 1-on-on training settings.  Group sessions are highly customizable to fit your needs.

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Claim your FREE copy of '7 Keys to Mental Strength' today!

Looking for a mental reset? Or looking to get your mind right for the upcoming season?

The '7 Keys to Mental Strength' PDF is a perfect starting point for any athlete looking to take their game to the next level.

In this PDF we cover the 7 biggest keys to building mental strength and how you can do it YOURSELF and implement it into your own game.


What Makes Us Different?

Strecker Sport Psychology separates itself from other 'sport psychologists' because we are not counselors or therapists...We are true Applied Sport Psychologists.  We focus on applied tools and skills you can use during practice and competition to help you play your best. 


Strecker Sport Psychology also finds it important to be open and honest when it comes to pricing.  Many of our 'competitors' like to hide their prices and spring them on you when you choose to sign up.


Not only do we post our pricing publicly for you to view before we even meet, we also charge MUCH less than the market average.  Strecker Sport Psychology was founded with the goal of making mental skills training achievable for ALL athletes looking to perform their best.

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