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About Me

Bryce Strecker M.S. CPT
    Applied Sport and Performance Psychologist

I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember and have extensive background in many different traditional sports including football, golf, basketball, and in particular baseball.  My true passion lies with both athletics and fitness.  Along with an athletic background, I have education and experience in the field of fitness and health.  I have background in many different forms of exercise, but primarily in strength training and bodybuilding.

My love of sports and fitness took me on a path to McPherson College in Kansas, where I played baseball and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Health Sciences.  After graduating from McPherson College I moved to Alamosa, Colorado to start working toward my Master’s Degree in Applied Sport Psychology from Adams State University. While in Alamosa, I was also the baseball coach for the Alamosa High School Mean Moose.

Now with higher education in both Mental and Physical Training techniques and strategies, I am based out of the Kansas City Metro area and am ready to help athletes from all over chase their dreams and become the best versions of themselves.

My experiences on the field, and education in the classroom have given me great insight and an expertise when it comes to helping young athletes reach their goals.  

My goal at Strecker Sport Psychology is to meet athletes where they are, and provide them with tips and tricks that can help them perform at the best of their abilities whether that is on the field or in the classroom.

Who We've Worked With


BSMi Talent Ltd.

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Mind-Design Sports


Trinity Catholic HS

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McPherson College

Buhler High School

Alamosa High School

Baseball Team

Individual Athletes and Coaches from around the globe

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