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What Do a '6-Pack' and 'Self-Confidence' Have in Common?

After reading this title, there are about a million different ways you could take this question and formulate some answer that would probably be correct.

-"Well, having 6-pack abs would make me a more confident person."

-"I wish I had both of these things."

-"Both a 6-pack and high confidence are pretty hard to come by."

--Or Even--

-"Drinking a 6-pack of beer makes me way more confident at the bar."

And I wouldn't disagree with a single one of those statements. However, none of them are the answer that I'm looking for when asking what these two have in common. The way I am choosing to tackle this question is to show YOU how similar these two things really are all the way down to a foundational level.

Let's take this one piece at a time. First... the 6-pack abs.

A '6-pack' is something that every 'Gym Bro' of all time has been striving for. As well as a million and a half different people on the internet trying to give you the 'SECRET TO ABS OVERNIGHT!' or the 'SUPER MAGIC COFFEE TO GET ABS QUICK!'. And I hope we have all started to realize that this is a load of B.S. There is no 'shortcut' or 'overnight solution' to building 6-pack abs.

Here's the crazy part... Are you ready??

--Every single one of us has a set of abs--

Yes! No matter how your belly looks right now, there is a set of abs down there. It may be covered by a little fluff and that's okay, but the abs are there... and that's my point here.

In order to get that coveted 6-pack set of abs what do we have to do?

We have to reveal them!

Since we all have that set of abs built onto our body, we just have to reveal them through a proper diet, exercise, and overall fat loss. But as everyone knows this is much easier said than done because food is awesome and cardio sucks. But either way, the key takeaway here is this:

The '6-pack' abs we are all striving for is already there within all of us... We just have to peel away a few layers in order to reveal it.

"Okay, awesome story about building abs... but how in the heck are you going to relate this to confidence?"

Confidence is literally identical to how I just described 6-pack abs... Now let me explain.

Self-Confidence is something that we are all born with to some degree and throughout our growth and development stages and far into adulthood we are constantly cultivating, changing, adapting, and even destroying our own Self-Confidence. But no matter what happens, that sense of Confidence is still somewhere within us. It may be buried a little deeper for some people, but I promise it's there somewhere.

Just like revealing our '6-pack' and looking like a stud at the beach... We just have to peel back a few layers to reveal that Self-Confidence once again. Except this time it isn't necessarily done through diet and exercise.

Revealing that Self-Confidence is different for everyone. In order to reveal that confidence, you have to understand what is making up that 'belly fat' that is covering up your confidence right now.

-Are you afraid of disappointing someone?

-Are you afraid to fail?

-Are you even scared of success? (and yes, this is a thing)

-What is it that is preventing you from showing off that Self-Confidence?

Once you understand what it is that is 'Covering Up' your Self-Confidence, you can then attack it, rebuild it, and in no time you'll be able to reveal that new sense of Confidence just like the fresh 6-pack you built right before Spring Break.

We all have Self-Confidence somewhere within us, just like we have a set of abs. One or the other may be buried a little bit deeper for some of us, but trust me... They're in there somewhere and it just takes a little understanding and hard work to reveal them.

So go out and start peeling away that 'Confidence Belly Fat' today and reveal the strong sense of Self-Confidence that you've had buried deep within your whole life.



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